Distributor list of power distribution board and related materials

Service Type
Company Listing/Matching


Power Distribution Board

Background & Purpose

Looking at India as the next promising market, grasp the market, and build a customer base by partnering up with local sales agents in each of the major cities before the establishment of a base.

Project scope & Action

Select 2 priority markets from 5 major cities in India (top 2 cities with the largest number of power distribution board manufactures)

List distributors of power distribution boards and related products in two priority markets

After introducing the client company and the product overview to each potential distributor, confirm the willingness to be the distributor of the client's products and the terms of the distributor partnership.

Introduce candidates of distributor companies (and the person in charge of business development) who are perfectly matching with the client's needs


Introducing 9 candidates of distributors who meet the set requirements