In-Store Research on Power Tools

Service Type
Fieldwork/Store Visit

Africa, Asia

Power Tools

5 mins read

Background & Purpose

Under the situation where sales through agents are mainstream in the target countries, grasp competing brands presence and pricing strategy for each store type and use it as the basis for the own sales strategy

Project scope & Action

List up stores to visit in the target country/city (must pick 1 store for each store category: ① Home Center, ② Professional Shop, ③ pap’s & mom's store)

Visit the stores and research the brands and price of competing products being sold

Make a comparison of brand presence in 8 countries and also price comparison by brand in each country

Prepare presentation slides of visited stores' profile and products sold at each store


Comparison of selling brands by country and store type

Product comparison between countries

Store Overview

Information of competing products sold at the store

Price comparison by brand