South East Asia

Hanoi, Vietnam Research Expert

Project1: Ventilation market research in Vietnam
Researched the ventilation market in Viet Nam
- Made interview report
- Co worked with a client to compile data, make report and chart…

Project2: Searching potential local partners for a M&E company
Searched local M&E companies in Viet Nam who shows intention to partner with a Japanese general contractor
- Made Interview report
- Compiled statistics data of the market and made Report

HCMC, Vietnam Research Expert

Project1: Market entry for a financial institution
- Explored the possibility of scaling up lending activities in Vietnam for an U.S.-based financial institution that provides loans to small- and medium-sized agricultural businesses in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
- Traveled to two major coffee regions of Vietnam, obtained contacts and conducted face-to-face 20+ interviews with industry stakeholders including law makers, industry experts and every types of entity in the value chain.

Project2: Identified top biggest e-bikes distributors in Vietnam for potential partnership
1. Report of market size based on primary and secondary research,
2. List up top 10 biggest e-bikes distributors in Vietnam with complete portfolio of sales values, company history, distribution network and point of contact.
3. Set up appointments with 3 of them each and Japanese manufacturer.

Manila, Philippines Research Expert

Project1: Web research and interview: Retailing in the Philippines
This project includes annual update of datasets and country report through the following: Collecting information from secondary sources (e.g. desk research on public statistics, company financial reports, and trade news), Conducting trade interviews with key players and analyzing the information gathered to generate report

Project2: Web research for a salon feasibility study in Metro Manila
Client is currently doing a feasibility study for a salon in Metro Manila. I supplied her with market research information she needs such as Market Analysis, Demographic profile of the target location and Competitive landscape.

Singapore Research Expert

Project1: Field Research: Consumer Electronics Products
For the client of consumer electronics brand to examine top 3 consumer electronics products retailers in Singapore, I visited local distributors, specialized ships and general electronics shops to identify top brands, pricing and popular product type.

Project2: Focus Group Interview – Food tasting
For the client of a food chain to examine the visual of food and taste for perception of locals.
Organized 8 focus groups for target age and income group to understand preference
I also visited popular local food chains and local food stalls to understand the plating and taste of the food

Bangkok, Thailand Research Expert

Project1: Event Online Survey
Post event survey email was designed and sent to the event attendees. To gain feedback on the event. The data was summarized using charts. The feedback was sent to the organizing team for future improvement

Project2: Marketing Research Assignment
Collected data on customer's preferences by conducting survey
Collect the response and highlighted the key findings and write a report

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Research Expert

Project1: Digital Voice of Consumer Analyst, Unilever
Analyzing thousand of social media snippets in company social sites, and semantic categorization to build relevant information for client.

Project2: Exploratory research for smartwatch in Malaysia
Exploring trends, user-preference, public perception, consumer profile, market penetration, marketing channels and other relevant information.

Central Africa

Luanda, Angola Research Expert

Project1: Use of stovetops in Angola
Market research and interviews

Project2: Research for automobile sales
Contact a local company that compiles all car sales data

Yaounde, Cameroon Research Expert

Project1: Cookstove sales promotion activity
1-List up potentialités partners un Douala (Cameroon)
2-Making appointments with them for discussion
3-Arranging demonstration of the products in Douala
*Conducted field research in more than 3 popular markets in Douala and more than 20 supermarkets.
*Conducted a demonstration of 4 hours in a big market at various spots to collect information from customers on prices and proposals to improve products.

Douala, Cameroon Research Expert

Project1: Market research about cooker and fuel in Cameroon
Report composed by pictures of differences cooker, information about fuel and localization of store.

Tanzania Research Expert

Project1: Short term politics research project
- Research about China's One Belt One Road investment initiative and its implications for developing countries. Case Study: Bagamoyo Port Project (Tanzania)
- Delivered a report with 5 stars rating

Project1: Research on CITES export permits
- Conduct a research to get information about various requirements relating to CITES export permits.
- Delivered a report

East Africa

Asmara, Eritrea Research Expert

Project1: Examine electrical distribution material
Examine the specification of transformer, wires, surge arrestor and etc on the distribution material
Search for manufacturer online, evaluate and test the products

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Research Expert

Project1: Service quality index
- I have examine service quality index of Cooperative Bank of Oromia. I have develop a questionnaire and distribute to 400 customers to measure the banks service quality index. I use SPSS to capture respondents reply and analyze the data.
- Delivered a comprehensive report

Project1: Organizational culture, engagement index and employee satisfaction rate
- I have assessed bank's organizational culture, engagement index and the employee satisfaction rate. I have develop a questionnaire and distribute to 400 bank's branches and head office employees.
- Delivered a report

Rwanda Research Expert

Project 1: Customer Satisfaction Survey
- Assisted the experts in questionnaire design, to recruit enumerators, to assist in enumerators' training, to supervise the data collection and to validate the report.
- Delivered a comprehensive report composed of the customer satisfaction in the different aspects of the service such as Reliability of supply, Cost of water, Professionalism of the water company’s service staff, Billing, First-time connection processes.

Project 2: Water Monitoring and Environment Impact Accessment
- Assigned to access the water quality in the region, to examine the potential for pollution of the nearby Lake Muhazi, and the possible water quality implications on the nearby springs and main dam and the potential impact on the lives of citizens who live in the neighboring villages.
- Delivered a comprehensive report

West Africa

Lagos, Nigeria Research Expert

Project1: Short interviews to Pharmacies in Nigeria
To determine competition as well as the challenges and prospects of its introduction into the region, we visited several pharmacies as well as a government hospital for a more general insight into its regulation.
Performed and delivered a macro-study of Nigeria in regard to the Pharmaceutical market in the country.

Project2: Determine market feasibility and affordability of a kitchenware
We visited several distributors and public markets to determine competitions as well as the feasibility of the said item to be introduced and also if the locals in the region will be able to afford it.

Nairobi, Kenya Research Expert

Project1: Research on Second Hand Cloth market
- Visit second hand cloth stores and interview with 30 local people
- Delivered a report in 2 weeks

North Africa

Alger, Algeria Research Expert

Project 1: Research on Consumer HDMI Products
- Visit top 5 electronics stores in Alger to research on consumer HDMI products
- Delivered a detailed report composed of Retailer overview, Map of visited store location, Pictures of different brands, and a price list within 1 week..

Project 2: Research on Baby Diapers
- Purchase a list of baby diapers and visit several stores to compare price - Delivered a report composed of pictures of different brand and size, and a price comparison

North Ariana, Tunisia Research Expert

Project 1: Research on Sugar Factories and Suppliers in Africa and Latin America
- Listed up sugar factories and suppliers and made connection with them to the client
- Delivered a list of sugar manufacturer including company name, address, phone number of the contact person.,

Project 2: Research on SPA service providers and SPA products distributors
- Research on the brand of SPA products used by major SPA service providers such as clinics, hotels and beauticians.
- Delivered a report composed of the competitor brands list and pictures of SPA products, and an approach list composed of company name and address.

South Africa

Ankerana, Madagascar Research Expert

Project 1: Research on Printers being Used at Banks in Antananarivo
- For the client, conducted research to identify the brand of printers that are used at the banks of the city of Antananarivoal
- Delivered a report composed of the name of banks, brand of printers currently used, picture of printers, banks need for printers and technical data.

Project 2: Agricultural research
- Conducted research on soil type in the specified area and suitable fertilizer for it.
- Delivered a report composed of the name of farmers, type of fertilizers currently used, and map of their field..

South Africa Research Expert

Project1: Short term politics research project
- Research about China's One Belt One Road investment initiative and its implications for developing countries. Case Study: Bagamoyo Port Project (Tanzania)
- Delivered a report with 5 stars rating

Project1: Research on CITES export permits
- Conduct a research to get information about various requirements relating to CITES export permits.
- Delivered a report