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Buenos Aires, Argentina Research Expert

Project 1: Research on habits of journalistic and news consumption in youth
- Created questionnaire and conducted the field research.
- Interviewed over 100 people ages 14 to 24 at random in public spaces.
- Analysing the obtained data and making a report.

Project 2: Research on social platforms consumption habits based on 3 targeted age groups
- Questionnaire design, approach and appointment list.
- Analyze and compare media and social platforms consumption in three different age ranges (16-25; 26-35; 36-45) through focus group and interviews.
- Generate a report based on the obtained data.

São José Dos Campos, Brazil Research Expert

Project1: Research on the major shopping malls developers in Brazil
Conducted online research on the major developers of shopping mall in Brazil.
- Delivered the list of top 5 major developers in Brazil

Gonçalves, Brazil Research Expert

Project 1: Research on promotional advertising
- Find out a list of best selling cars in Brazil based on preferences, lifestyle and income range.
- Created a survey and Interviewed people to gather data in the form of PowerPoint

Project 2: Research on meat exportation from Europe to Brazil
- Analyse (Pigs, Bovines and Chicken) from Europe to Brazil through visits to local producers.
-Generate a PDF document with photos of the breeding and slaughterhouses.

Chicago, USA Web Content Writer

Project 1: Research on cosmetic trends, fashion and beauty routine
- Analyse about the trends/movements in Skincare and Makeup.
-Create questionnaire and conducted the field research.
-Generate a report based on the effect of COVID19 on the cosmetics market and cosmetic users as well as the differences in the cosmetics trends between different ethnic groups and different regions (states).