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São José Dos Campos, Brazil Research Expert

Project1: Research on the major shopping malls developers in Brazil
Conducted online research on the major developers of shopping mall in Brazil.
- Delivered the list of top 5 major developers in Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina Research Expert

Project 1: Research on habits of journalistic and news consumption in youth
- Created questionnaire and conducted the field research.
- Interviewed over 100 people ages 14 to 24 at random in public spaces.
- Analysing the obtained data and making a report.

Project 2: Research on social platforms consumption habits based on 3 targeted age groups
- Questionnaire design, approach and appointment list.
- Analyze and compare media and social platforms consumption in three different age ranges (16-25; 26-35; 36-45) through focus group and interviews.
- Generate a report based on the obtained data.