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South East Asia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Research Expert

Project1: Digital Voice of Consumer Analyst, Unilever
Analyzing thousand of social media snippets in company social sites, and semantic categorization to build relevant information for client.

Project2: Exploratory research for smartwatch in Malaysia
Exploring trends, user-preference, public perception, consumer profile, market penetration, marketing channels and other relevant information.

Yangon, Myanmar Research Expert

Project1: Research on the major shopping malls developers in Myanmar
Conducted online research on the major developers of shopping mall in Myanmar.
- Delivered the list of top 5 major developers in Myanmar

Jakarta, Indonesia Research Expert

Project 1: Market research : Spare parts market for motorbike
- Conducted surveys on 10 Merchant in each of 5 cities in Java (Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya)
- Visited one city per week to interview 10 merchants for the Tires and Rim product.
- Delivered a comprehensive report of the interview results with pictures to understand the market trend and the supplier strength.

Project 2: Research on the glass manufacturing industry (for automobile and construction use)
- Conducted interviews 10 merchants in the industry to get connection and understand the market environment.
- Helped as the translator and interpreter in the interviewing process.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia Research Expert

Project 1: Academic field research on Perception of International Tourists
A quantitative research to study perception of tourists on their personal safety and security in tourist destinations in Cambodia. I collected data with over 200 tourists using survery questionnaires to answer tourists' characteristic, travel pattern, their perceptions.
- Analysed data using several supporting programs (Excel, SPFF)
- Presented a report with visual elements like tables, charts and graphs.

Project 2: Academic field research: Assessing the impact of FDI on local skills development
A qualitative research to assess the impact of foreign investment on skills of local employees.
- Interviewed 15 people ranking from managers to employees in the hotel industry.
- Delivered a detailed report.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia Research Expert

Project1: Customer Loyalty Model in Hotel Business
For Hotel Business operators in Siem Reap to identify the customer perception and intention to use the service of the hotel by the measurement of Service Quality that provided by respective Hotel Business.
- Conducted field research for 2 weeks in selected hotels
- Delivered a comprehensive report composed of service quality overviews and customer profiles of the selected triple stars class hotels.

Singapore Research Expert

Project1: Field Research: Consumer Electronics Products
For the client of consumer electronics brand to examine top 3 consumer electronics products retailers in Singapore, I visited local distributors, specialized ships and general electronics shops to identify top brands, pricing and popular product type.

Project2: Focus Group Interview – Food tasting
For the client of a food chain to examine the visual of food and taste for perception of locals.
Organized 8 focus groups for target age and income group to understand preference
I also visited popular local food chains and local food stalls to understand the plating and taste of the food

Singapore, Singapore Research Expert

Project1: Creating a new mobile authentication service for mobile app developers in the US
-Interviewed 30 users and worked with our user researchers to recruit, create and validate hypotheses and wireframes with customers in US, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Latin America and Africa regions and countries.

Bangkok, Thailand Research Expert

Project1: Event Online Survey
Post event survey email was designed and sent to the event attendees. To gain feedback on the event. The data was summarized using charts. The feedback was sent to the organizing team for future improvement

Project2: Marketing Research Assignment
Collected data on customer's preferences by conducting survey
Collect the response and highlighted the key findings and write a report

Chang Mai, Thailand Research Expert

Project 1: Medical Device Market - Indepth Interview and Desk Research
- Market Study in vital sign monitoring device and equipment used in Thai hospitals.
- Identify market size, leading brands, competitor analysis.
- Analysis of sales, marketing and distribution by product segment.with strategic recommendations.

Project 2: Smart Gadgets in Thailand - Desk Research and Mystery Shopping
- Identify and research on popular smart gadget products and features, current market size as well as major brands and product characteristics

Manila, Philippines Research Expert

Project1: Web research and interview: Retailing in the Philippines
This project includes annual update of datasets and country report through the following: Collecting information from secondary sources (e.g. desk research on public statistics, company financial reports, and trade news), Conducting trade interviews with key players and analyzing the information gathered to generate report

Project2: Web research for a salon feasibility study in Metro Manila
Client is currently doing a feasibility study for a salon in Metro Manila. I supplied her with market research information she needs such as Market Analysis, Demographic profile of the target location and Competitive landscape.

Manila, Philippines Research Expert

Project1: National Census on Cigarette Retail Stores in the Philippines
A nationwide census of all cigarette retail stores in the Philippines conducted to audit brands carried and sales volume.
-Conducted project set-up from questionnaire design, scripting to CAPI, fieldwork management, data cleaning, and data preparation in Excel format.

Project2: Brand Building Studies
Following the merger and acquisition deal of 2 global business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, a brand strategy was developed through conducting qualitative studies on brand perception and follow-up quantitative studies on brand concept execution (online surveys)
- Delivered full project set-up and implementation (e.g. focus group/ IDI guide and quantitative survey questionnaire design, data gathering/ fieldwork management, full analysis and report writing, and presentation to key stakeholders.)

Lipa City, Phillipines Research Expert

Project 1: Data mining, research and lead generation
- Collecting company information like their website, company email, social media, contact person specially the email and social media of the decision maker and marketing.
- Summarizing all the leads gathered in a week and reporting and conducted the field research and making reports weekly

Project 2: Curate list of websites running on WordPress
- Identifying Singaporean companies that have website running on WordPress.
- Extracting email address or phone number weekly and reporting how many leads gathered.

Quezon City , Phillipines Cold Calling Expert

Project 1: Contact companies to gather information through cold calling

Hanoi, Vietnam Research Expert

Project1: Ventilation market research in Vietnam
Researched the ventilation market in Viet Nam
- Made interview report
- Co worked with a client to compile data, make report and chart…

Project2: Searching potential local partners for a M&E company
Searched local M&E companies in Viet Nam who shows intention to partner with a Japanese general contractor
- Made Interview report
- Compiled statistics data of the market and made Report

HCMC, Vietnam Research Expert

Project1: Market entry for a financial institution
- Explored the possibility of scaling up lending activities in Vietnam for an U.S.-based financial institution that provides loans to small- and medium-sized agricultural businesses in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
- Traveled to two major coffee regions of Vietnam, obtained contacts and conducted face-to-face 20+ interviews with industry stakeholders including law makers, industry experts and every types of entity in the value chain.

Project2: Identified top biggest e-bikes distributors in Vietnam for potential partnership
1. Report of market size based on primary and secondary research,
2. List up top 10 biggest e-bikes distributors in Vietnam with complete portfolio of sales values, company history, distribution network and point of contact.
3. Set up appointments with 3 of them each and Japanese manufacturer.

HCMC, Vietnam Research Expert

Project 1: Healthcare market research to explore opportunities for a new hospital.
-Explore the healthcare demand & evaluate the competitive hospital landscape from both customers & KOLs (top notch doctors)' perspectives.
- Coordinated interviews with 16 patients & KOLs and delivered actionable findings for client's strategic plan

Project 2: Explore online users' behaviors in their connected lives
-Recorded online behaviors on phone through an app
-Conducted nethnographies & ethnographies with 16 online users in Hanoi and HCMC
-Report vividly captured connected lives by pictures (during the immersion) & decoded their online moments in their daily connected lives, which were classified by different user typologies.

KL,Malaysia Research Expert

Project 1: Research on Ecosystems of Global Market Share Survey 2020 of Ventilation Fan & Indoor Air Quality Equipment in Malaysia Market
- Conducting open data collection, interviews, and understand the market size and market share and the factors behind these trends as well as the market composition and trends by segment, ventilation fan type and sales route.

Project 2: Research on Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Research of DYSON Products Spare Parts
- Conduct a detailed research of supply chain channel of the speared parts for variety of Dyson Products that are produced by the second-tier suppliers in Malaysia
-Conduct field research (survey and interview) of the suppliers and other relevant stakeholders to validate desk research and generate unpublished information.

East Asia

Seoul, South Korea Research Expert

Project 1: Research on credit cards issued by Korean banks
- Made an extensive online research to find credit card terms and conditions on approx. 800 credit cards, and made telephone calls to banks to obtain the details as required
- Delivered a comprehensive report on the findings including the overview of the credit cards, terms and conditions, commission fee, annual fee, URL, etc.

Project 2: Research on noni juice market in Korea
Made both online and offline field research on the Noni juice market in Korea for the client who wants to open up their distribution channel in Korea.
- Visited 7 major markets in Seoul and made research on several online shops that sell Noni juice in order to find what brands of Noni juice were being sold.
- Made contacts to the distributors of Noni juice and connected them with the client.
- Delivered a comprehensive report on the Noni juice market in Korea including brand list, photos of products, the major distributors, packaging, prices, nutrition, etc..

Hong Kong, China Research Expert

Project1: Research on Chinese Electric Vehicle Industry
Open-source research of the electric vehicle industry in China (as of 2018), with specific questions being addressed
- Delivered a comprehensive report of more than 20-pages in English

Project2: Competitive business intelligence
Conducted pre-investment reputational investigation (including both open source and discreet enquiries with sources)
- Delivered a comprehensive report of more than 20-pages in English, including key areas of exposure the client may face

Hangzhou, China Research Expert

Project 1: Beauty skin care products brands in China Market
- Identify the major clean beauty brands in China and their concept of "Clean Beauty" through PowerPoint slides.

Project 2: Research on Universities in Chongqing
- Generate an excel list of universities which might be interested in a specific app

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Research Expert

Project 1: Automobile Industry
- Generate report comprising competitor brand list of automobile industry, photos of cars. - Identify top 3 best selling cars in Saudi Arabia, and best selling car in 2019 Advertisment campaign detail

Taipei, Taiwan Research Expert

Project 1: Research on high quality Taiwanese manufacturers of hand tools and relative equipments for a construction company
- Gather 10+ catagories, more than 150 manufacturers with catalogues and price quotations within 3 months.
- Create a manufacturer database for the client.

Project 2: Pet owner behavior research
- Develop 400 surveys on pet owners’ behaviour at an art exhibition designed for pets

Taipei, Taiwan Research Expert

Project1: Research on imported dairy products
Research the imported dairy products in Taiwan for the dairy products manufacturer in the UK.

Project2: Research on the ventilation system market in Taiwan
Research 5 types of ventilation system in Taiwan, based on perspectives of house construction companies and/or interior designers

South Asia

Dhaka, Bangladesh Research Expert

Project1: Lead Generation: High school teachers in the United States.
- Research on the teachers working abroad who work for high schools in the United States.
- Delivered the list of teaching staff including their contact information (Name, Address, Telephone number etc)

Project2: Online Research: Top online music movie clips in India
- Made online research on the popular online music movie clips in India.
- Delivered the list of top online music videos including URL, no. of views, no. of subscribers, camera used

Islamabad, Pakistan Research Expert

Project 1: Market Analysis of Web Based Design Tools
- Worked on an analysis of top 10 web-based design tools.
- Delivered a comprehensive report which include such as; the platforms consumers are using to access these design tools; what consumers are creating in these tools; how they are sharing; where they are sharing them (if they are free or paid); and pricing structure.

Project 2: Market Research of Food Delivery Companies in Pakistan
- Worked on an analysis of Top 3 food delivery companies in Pakistan.
- Made face to face interviews with marketing managers of Uber Eats, Food Panda and Cheetay.
- Made a detailed report including pricing structure, revenue sources, and marketing strategies

Doha, Qatar Research Expert

Project 1: Security Research: Arabic security training materials for Qatar Football World cup 2022
- Deep research for all issues / risks/ threats documented or not in previous football World Cups and Olympics games .Created several case studies and lesson learned that cover all security, safety and integrity related issues.

Project 2: A request from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to check If Saudi football team can play safely in Iran or not?
- Evaluate on culture, political and social perspectives of official and non-official Iranian and Saudi Arabian media and provide recommendations.

Hyderabad, India Research Expert

Project1: Lead Generation: High school teachers in the United States.
- Research on the teachers working abroad who work for high schools in the United States.
- Delivered the list of teaching staff including their contact information (Name, Address, Telephone number etc)

Project2: Online Research: Top online music movie clips in India
- Made online research on the popular online music movie clips in India.
- Delivered the list of top online music videos including URL, no. of views, no. of subscribers, camera used

Pune, India Research Expert

Project 1: Study on new client market
Conducted a research/study to understand the size of the potential market for Sirva (relocation multinational company).

Project 2: Development of competency assessment scorecard
Conducted KPA & KPI analysis and created job profiles at all levels across all divisions of South African Airways (Finance, Risk, CEO’s Office, Legal & General Counsel)
- Identified competencies and prepared job charter to be used as job profiles, airline domain knowledge, IT domain knowledge and various consolidation reports, templates & analysis.
- Conducted skill audits to fill in competency assessment scorecards (e.g. functional testing, training & documentation, skill to create databases on SQL server and use of staging database)

Delhi, India Research Expert

Project 1: Research on BIG 4 related article in Japan
Online research to find the recent articles about the Big 4 companies (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki) in Japan.
- Delivered a comprehensive report.

Ahmedabad, India Research Expert

Project 1: Research on different electronic brands
- Analyze and idenitfy brand, price, and features of electronics sold in modern and traditional markets

Project 2: Develop customer survey on the types of electronic brands
- Identify decision making process and reasons when making a purchase on a particular brand

Ghaziabad, New Delhi Research Expert

Project 1: Research on a group of paper mills in India
- Understanding the production capabilities of the mills and the ownership structure of the mills
- Find out production capabilities and capacity utilised as well as customers / clients feedback about the product quality

Project 2: Business/company stock market research in India
- Analyse the political changes that affect business based on 5 business newspapers, journals and statistics website

Kolkata, India Research Expert

Project 1: Research on home appliances
- Gather and record information and photos for 7 participants residing at Kolkata in an Excel

Project 2: Property research for Real Estate company
- Identify properties that are on sale and find out the owners information to client for further negotiation within 48 hours of sale through google sheet.