Middle East

GLOBAL ANGLE offers research services to the countries/cities where are not in thispage, please inquire us.

Middle East

Izumir, Turkey Research Expert

Project 1: Research on the pasta manufacturing industry in Turkey.
- Delivered a comprehensive report

Istanbul, Turkey Research Expert

Project 1: Handy market research in Turkey
- Conducted and online research followed by a visit to several shops
- Generate report with results of survey and online findings

Project 2: Banking sector analysis
- Develop data and trend analysis for banking sector

Irbid, Jordan Research Expert

Project 1: Bank and Financial Services
- Gather and record information on credit cards and terms from banks in a number of countries online and/or telephone calls to banks.

Project 2: Identify online providers that have hypnotherapy treatments available for people that have urinary incontinence
- Collate information on number, links to and results of studies worldwide where urinary incontinence has been treated with hypnosis or hypnotherapy treatments
- Contact emails for 50 women in Australia, New Zealand or the US that have suffered from urinary incontinence and have tried alternative therapy such as hypnotherapy or other treatments besides medical procedures and medication (preference is for hypnotherapy)