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Wellington, New Zealand Research Expert

Project 1: Understanding market potential and size for HVAC products in Australia and NZ
- Made contacts to manufacturers and distributors of heating and cooling products and made interviews with them
- Delivered a comprehensive report from completed interviews including estimation of market size, prices etc.

Project 2: Research into legality of different gambling practices into 50 markets globally
This project was aiming to identify which forms of gambling were legal or illegal across 50 countries.
- Made online research on legal framework of different markets.
- Delivered a report in excel spreadsheet detailing legality of gambling in different markets, with references to sources of information.

NSW, Australia Research Expert

Project 1: Research on Australian health supplement market
This study involved an extensive attitudinal segmentation of Australian consumers using a survey approach, followed by a deep-dive into their purchase history and current behaviors across a select number of health supplement categories including heart, gut and mental health.
- Delivered latent class segmentation model and Market analysis

Project 2: Research on Australian internet security apps
This study involved a concept test of an internet security app for children using a hybrid quantitative and qualitative approach, followed by a price sensitivity experiment to identify the appropriate retail price and optimal bundling (choice modelling experiment), as well as a market analysis of purchase behavior.
- Delivered concept scorecard, pricing model, and market analysis