Case study:In-Store Research on Air Fresher, Deodorizer, and Insect repellent

Fieldwork/In-store research

Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India

Background & Porpuse

Understand the competitive situation of competing products in the major supermarkets and drugstore chains at the cities where the company intend to expand.

Project scope & Action

Randomly visit 3 major supermarkets and drug stores in the target city

Check the brand name, price, country of origin of the competing products of 4 product categories sold at the store, and take pictures of the products accordingly.

Prepare a comprehensive report including the product information and product pictures collected from the store visits and qualitative information such as level of presence, penetration rate, typical usage of the products in the country from the researcher’s perspective


Price Comparison for the popular brands by product category

Popular brands’ price and country of origin

Depending on country, product penetration, and products’ shape differs

Shop Overview

Brief summary of product usage, product penetration, and other finding for each product category.