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Local staff providing local knowledge

  • Presents results of information in the local language
  • Researching on a specific aspect of SNS
  • Collecting specific news from the local media
  • Researching on what local famous bloggers are writing
  • Researching on the best-selling products
Global Angle collects and provides accurate local information by researching media that local people access.


Understanding local trends, needs and facts Gathering insights from local target audiences through interviews and surveys

Range of Interviews


1. List of target interviewees
2. Screening
3. Upload

Site Visits / Photo Shoots

The local researcher visits, inspects, surveys and reports on your behalf

In order to meet your needs, we provide field work services by local staff. We will conduct fieldwork tailored to your specific needs.


In-Store Survey

We conduct in-store surveys including customer attributes, display brands, prices, and report findings with photos and videos

Field Visit

Conducting field visits at showrooms and events and exhibitions, especially of competitors, in varied locations

Traffic Survey

Perform demographic / traffic surveys of specific commercial facilities and locations for the purpose of opening a store

Matching Service

Global Angle can list local companies that meet your needs from our company database

  • Seeking a list of local vendors
  • Seeking a suitable interview location
  • Seeking a partner
  • Seeking competitor analysis
  • Seeking help in interpreting interviews


1. List of target interviewees
2. Screening
3. Making Appointments
4.Assigning Interpreter

Trip Support

Global Angle’s Overseas Business Trip Support Services

We will provide full support for efficient business trip scheduling, accommodation and travel arrangements, arrangements for site-seeing, local interpreters and business trips to unfamiliar countries

Range of Interviews

Trip Planning

We will consult and plan your travel and visits according to yourtravel needs

Interpreter Companion

If you require local support, we will arrange you a travel planner and a local interpreter equipped with local knowledge to accompany you, who will support you from interpreting to travelling