Is a platform that connects you to the world, enabling quick and low-cost research

Our GLOBAL ANGLE consultants will be the coordinator, providing research in any location quickly and inexpensively with local research experts from around the world


Collecting local insights on specific countries
Achieving Quick Results

“Do you need to understand local situations yet find yourself faced with high research costs and language barriers?” GLOBAL ANGLE’s services resolve these issues and provide quality insights on any location around the globe. Simply fill in a simply request form and you will receive the local information you require.


To save your resources and time for local market research
And bring you local information from all over the world
By working with our local researchers' angle



Simple & Easily Accessible

One of our features is segmented research. GA is designed for your local market research needs such as: web research in the local language, local photo shoots in the city and local interviews.

Quick and Cost-effective

Focusing on simple local market research, or simple research design, enables us to complete the entire research process, from briefing to the final report, online.

High quality local information delivered

Quality assured by GA consultants, highly experienced in management consultancy, who will closely manage your research project and the quality of output.


Addresses the Market Gap b/w Conventional Consulting & Research services and Cloud Sourcing for Local Market Research

Conventional Consulting & Research Firms Cloud Sourcing GLOBAL ANGLE
Survey Speed
Survey Quality
Cover Area
※1 Conventional Consulting & Research Firms are not able to fulfill small and simple request.
※2 3 Unstable results


Order Request(e-form / e-mail)

Submit an application via e-mail/ e-form.

After agreeing to our Terms of Usage, kindly submit your application via e-mail, online chat or call. Make sure that all details of your application are correct and complete before submitting.
Survey Design Product confirmation

GLOBAL ANGLE gets in touch with you.

A representative from GLOBAL ANGLE will contact you to confirm your request within 2 business days from the date of your application. He or she will then schedule follow-up calls regarding price estimates and deliverables within the next 1 to 5 business days.

Pay via internet or credit card payment

Payment must be made via internet or credit card.
Conducting Field Survey

Local researchers get to work under supervision of an inhouse consultant.

Research and work on deliverables will take approximately 2 – 7 business days. Kindly note that this period may vary according to survey content and locational conditions.
Findings report Issuing of deliverables

Receive deliverables (with option to further discuss findings via remote conferencing)

Survey results will be sent via e-mail, online chat or call. Depending on your needs, we can also report our research findings via Skype, Zoom and other teleconferencing media.



Local View Search

We engage in information gathering, market research, keyword searches in the local language, article searches and summary reports

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We can conduct interviews and surveys, and gather critical insights from local correspondents

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Site Visits Photoshoots

We can conduct on-site fieldwork, such as store surveys, traffic surveys, field visits, photography, video shooting, etc

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Matching Service

We will list, screen and arrange interviews with candidates / companies who are potential local business partner(s)

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Trip Support

According to your needs, we will make various arrangements such as accommodations, transportation and sight-seeing

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You can use this service like you have a
local friend everywhere have a the globe.


Dedicated corporate-contract service
Consultants to meet your corporate Needs