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Want to know how and which market to expand your business to
Identify and strategise the best suited markets
Uncertain in identifying and engaging with business partners
Precise strategies to identify and engage with the right local partners
Insufficient market knowledge due to unfamiliar language or culture
Comprehensive market knowledge in local context
Insufficient time/resources to conduct in-depth market research
Tailored research to meet your goals timely and effectively
Unable to source research services for niche markets
Established research methodology to navigate niche markets


Conventional Consulting & Research Firms

  • Project scope

  • Project Timeframe

  • Project Quality

  • Project Cost

  • Cover Area*

Conventional Consulting & Research Firms

  • Comprehensive & Wide
  • Longer
  • Exceptional
  • Expensive
  • Limited


  • Flexible requests
  • Flexible
  • Standardized & Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Extensive

Cloud Searching

  • Simple requests only
  • Flexible
  • Unstable
  • Affordable
  • Limited

*Geographical & Industrial

Market Research Methodologies

Market Research B2B Interviews Icon


We can conduct interviews and surveys, and gather critical insights from local correspondents

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Market Research Web Research Icon

Local Market Intelligence

We engage in information gathering, market research, keyword searches in the local language, article search

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Market Research B2B Fieldwork Site Visits Icon

Site Visits / Photoshoots

We can conduct on-site fieldwork, such as store surveys, traffic surveys, field visits, photography, and video shooting

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Market Research B2B Business Matchmaking Company Listing Icon

Business Matchmaking

We will list, screen and arrange interviews with candidates / company who are potential local business partner(s)

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Market Research SNS Analysis Icon

SNS Analysis

Access strategic insights and marketing intelligence derived from a combination of real-time online data, customer data, desk research and field research

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Market Research Business Trip Arrangement and Support

Business Trip Arrangement and Support

We will provide full support for business trip scheduling and accommodation, arrangements for site-seeing, local interpreters to unfamiliar countries

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Solutions to Global Business Expansion

Employer of Record EOR Local Talent Management Business Expansion Icon

Local Talent Management

Saving your resources and time for local market research, Extracting useful local information from the globe, Working with our specialized local researchers’

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Business Expansion Digital Marketing Icon

Digital Marketing

We provide services for your business to implement your cross border e-commerce set up and generate traffic to your store

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Overseas Business Expansion Consulting

Overseas business expansion support

We provide comprehensive support to ensure your business expansion process is carried out seamlessly

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Local Market Researchers





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